The role of a parent booster:

By definition, the role of the booster organization is to “boost” the instrumental music program in a positive manner. The purpose of the Clovis High School Instrumental Music Boosters is to advance the best interests of the Clovis High School Band, Color Guard, and Orchestra programs by providing support, as requested by the Director. All parents or guardians of students enrolled in the instrumental music program are members of the non-profit Clovis High School Instrumental Music Boosters organization. Maintaining a thriving instrumental music program requires support and fundraising beyond that is provided by the school system.

Booster Committee Members 2013-2014 School Year

Chairperson: Linda Stacier –
Vice Chairperson
: Ramona O’Brien -
Co-Vice Chairperson: Laurie

Secretary: Virginia Landeros –

Treasurer: Michael Harrold -

Treasurer: Kelley Currie –

Position Descriptions for the CHS Instrumental Music Booster Committee

Chairperson: Shall chair meetings of the Executive Board and General Meetings of the Membership. Shall have a prepared an agenda for all meetings. Shall serve as Ex-Officio member of all committees.

Vice Chairperson’s: Responsible for supervising and initiating fundraising functions and to appoint a chairperson to be in charge of each specific fundraiser. Duties will also include submitting a “request for fundraising” for each fundraiser.

Treasurer’s: Maintains all monetary records/transactions working with the Cougar Foundation. Shall provide financial reports at all General meetings. Will be the primary signature on all booster expenditures.

Takes minutes of all General and Executive Board meetings. Provide minutes for all booster meetings and directors.  Work with community at large to help find sponsorships to the program.  Also serves a a form of communication to families at large for the program.

The following is a list of some of the Fundraisers scheduled for the CHS Instrumental Music Program.  These fundraiser help the program raise the necessary funds to maintain the needs for all of our groups.

Shares Card & EscriptDarcy

  • This is a great way to earn money for the instrumental music program. Sign up your Von’s club card at  Our group name is “Clovis High School Band Boosters” and our ID number is “149869814.” Click here to learn more about the eScrip program.

Family Dinner NightsDarcy McCaffery -

Cougar Country BBQ - Phyllis Allen –

GSTOB Ad/Throphy Program- Mrs. Lozano –

Sponsorship Forms - Mrs. Lozano -

Save Around Coupon BookRamona O’Brien -

We Care CoffeeTBD
Pancake BreakfastVirginia Landeros -
Marie Calendar Holiday PieVirginia Landeros -
Greenery (Fall & Spring) - Virginia Landeros -
Gold Canyon CandlesPhyllis Allen
Red Carpet Car Wash- TBD
Yard Sale – TBD
Silent Auction for events/concertsDenise Collins –
CHS Football ConcessionsGrady Rhoads -

Fireworks Booth - TBD
OvationsMercedes Reyes -

Lead Parent Positions 
Lead-Chaperones: Ensures communication with division and directors and parents. They will help stock supplies and inventories for the program and provides receipts for director. Work with all Lead’s to assigning chaperones & volunteers for competitions, football games, any public performance, and big fundraising events where lots of parents are needed. This also includes covering all winter groups such as winter percussion & winter guard. 
1. Carolynn Flores (Guard Parent)

2.Mr. and Mrs. Putler (Band/Percussion Parents) -

Cougar Kitchen: Maintaining kitchen stock and cleanliness. Responsible for coordinating volunteers for set up, serving and clean up during Field Season. Providing meals for marching season including but not limited to; shopping, preparing and serving food and drinks. Maintain a spread sheet including items served, quantities and costs to pass on for the next year.
1. Shannon Mauzy- 
2. Jennifer & Brad Mericle (kitchen drivers) –
3. TBD 

Truck “Goose” Driver: Transport Goose to events throughout the year. Coordinate with alternate driver dates for driving. Communicate effectively with Director & staff. Maintaining Goose and notifying the Director if repairs are needed.
1. Kevin McCaffery -
3.  Robert Grijalva –

Lead Pit Crew: Coordinate and organizes volunteers for the field & winter season to help move and connect all pit equipment. Help take podiums and additional equipment to the field for football games and communicate effectively with the music directors.
1.  Mr. and Mrs. Putler -

Mule Trailer Driver: Transport mule to events as needed throughout the year. Drives the mules with the pit equipment at competitions and/or any public events.  Submit receipts for fuel for reimbursement. This position requires a ½ Ton truck. Work and communicate effectively with Pit Crew, Director’s & staff.
1. TBD 

Band Poster: Work with designer on poster creation. Solicit sponsors for ads placed on posters. Process all proceeds and provide summary to Executive Board.
1. Darcy
2. Ben

Hospitality: GSTOB / WBA/SJVCGPR- Provide meals for judges and staff for events throughout the year. Including but not limited to; shopping, preparing and serving. Provide summary and receipts for reimbursement at the end of the event.
1. TBD
2. TBD

Fireworks - This is a commitment; it is a lot of time and effort shoved into a short amount of time. This job is broken down into multiple committees to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.  Coordinators will be broken down to the following duties:  Staffing volunteers for working the booth; Communication and complete all correspondence with TNT; Promoting media, signs, publicity, and working with local vendors for deals; Phone Tree to contact family members; Lead Cashiers – rotation of shifts;  Process proceeds and deposits with Foundation designee; and Transports the Goose to and from location.  This
1. Lead TNT Contact/Correspondent – Booster Vice President – Vice Chairperson
2. Lead Publicity- TBD
3. Lead Staffing/Coordinating Volunteers -
Booster President/Chairperson
4. Lead Coordination/Phone Communicati
on – Booster Board Member 
5. Lead Cashier – TBD
6. Lead Cashier- TBD
7. Lead Cashier- TBD
8. Lead Treasury – Booster Treasurer’s
9. Lead Treasury – Booster Co-Treasurer’s
10. Lead Transportation -  Goose Driver(s)

CBDA: Serving ice cream to students during CBDA All State Honor Band Convention in February. Coordinate volunteers to help scoop and serve ice cream. Coordinate purchase of ice cream, drinks and all items needed to serve at two venues. Transport all items to venues the day of the event as specified by the CBDA President or his/her designee.
1. TBD

Parent/Booster Monthly Meetings:

More information about fundraisers will be discussed at our monthly booster meetings. Meetings are typically held on the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the CHS band room (N21).  Please look at our calendar page to verify meeting dates and times. Come and join us for all of the fun.  Get involved and get informed.

Some Quotes to think about as a parent in this program…..

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” ~Lily Tomlin 

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”~Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead