Spirit Store

Our Spirit Store is now up and running! All orders can only be placed online. Please place all orders by Monday, August 12, 2024.

A few notes to keep in mind. All MB members will receive a free 2024 Field Show T-Shirt, please do not order one for your child, unless you want an extra one for yourself or any additional family members/friends. For the Blue Clovis Program shirt, all NEW MB members who have never marched before will receive a free shirt. Once again, do not order one unless you want an extra one for yourself, family, friends, or an extra one for your child. Remember The Blue Clovis Program shirts and sweatshirts are what we ask all our family and friends to wear at all Competitions. That is how we know where our Clovis fans are at. There is nothing more special than walking on the field or in a gym and seeing our see of blue CLOVIS fans in the stands cheering on our kids!

Not sure what to order?

Here is a suggested guide and remember, if you already own it, you don’t have to purchase it again unless you need a replacement, lost them, or your items are wearing out.

Guard Order

  • Guard Field Shoes
  • Guard Gloves (suggested 2 pairs for the school year)
  • Flag Bag

Band Order

  • Drill Master Black MB Shoes
  • Wrist Bands (suggested 2-3 pairs for the season)
  • Long Black Cotton Gloves (Suggested 4 pairs for the season)

Percussion Order

  • Drill Master Black MB Shoes
  • Wrist Bands (suggested 2-3 pairs for the season)
  • Drum Sticks for drum line only:
    • Snares/Tom line (recommend 6-8 pairs for the season)
    • Quads (recommended 8-10 for the season)
    • Bass Line (recommended 3-4 for the season)

Optional “Additional” for all members/families

  • CLOVIS duffle bag
  • CLOVIS program T-shirt
  • CLOVIS program sweatshirt (crew neck or hoodie)
  • CLOVIS program jacket (The deadline to order jacket is September 9, 2024)
  • 2024 Field Show T-shirt