A Message for 8th Grade Clark Band, Percussion, Orchestra and Color Guard Members

This is Mrs. Lozano, your future Instrumental Music Director at Clovis High. We are super excited to have you all join our amazing program for the upcoming school year. Normally I would have spent this time visiting with all 8th grade students to help them register for class, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will not be the case this year. Instead, we have been working with our CHS counseling team to create a smooth process for our new online registration program.

Our online link will be sent out to all incoming families via email this upcoming week. I just wanted to share some information of what we are doing to make sure no child is left behind. Below I have created a Q&A to help answer some questions about registration, our programs and summer school. If you have any questions after you read this, I encourage you to ask current families in our instrumental program or email me directly at clovishighband@gmail.com. I will do my best to get to all your emails in a timely manner. At this point I do not know when we will actually be returning to school, however I can ensure you that our program is dedicated to communicate as much as possible and to have programs ready for all of our future Cougar Musicians.

Please take this time to continue to connect with your family and your music. There are many online resources, master classes on YouTube, online music and dance lessons, and creative educational platforms that will allow you to grow during this time. Spend this time practicing your instruments, dancing, singing, playing board games, cooking, learning new hobbies and giving thanks for this time to refocus on family and community. This too shall pass and soon we will be back together making music with one another. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for educational resources and posts.

Sending you all my best,
Mrs. Esmeralda M. Rocha Lozano


How will registration work this year?

  • Clovis High School will be emailing a link to all 8th grade families to be completed and to be signed electronically by a parent.

What if my child is not planning on attending Clovis High, do I still have to register them?

  • Yes, you do. All students regardless if you are transferring or moving, must still register with our system.
    • P.S. I wish you all well and will dearly miss you.
    • If you ever move back, please note that our home will always be open to you.
    • We really are family and we never want to lose anyone. Our music community truly cares for one another and what we have here in Clovis is something incredibly special. There really is no place like Clovis High!

How do I register for band, percussion, orchestra, color guard, jazz band and marching band?

When the link is emailed out, students will select the following electives to ensure you will be enrolled in one of our music classes.

  • Band: 88F08
    • All brass and woodwind students will sign up for this class. Auditions for a higher band class such as symphonic or wind ensemble will take place in May, either in person or by video submission. More information to follow.
  • Percussion: 88F08.P
    • All percussion students will sign up for this class. Auditions for the drum line will take place in May, either in person or by video submission. More information to follow.
  • Orchestra: 88F10
    • All string students will sign up for orchestra. Auditions for Chamber Orchestra will be done in May, either in person or by vide submission. More information to follow.
  • Color Guard: 88F08.G
    • Students enrolling in Color Guard must have a 2.5 GPA or higher, NO F’s and must be in good physical health to qualify for this class. Students must also be enrolled in marching band and go through a formal audition. Auditions will take place in May, either in person or by a video submission. More information to follow.
  • Jazz Band: 88313.0
    • Students must be enrolled in a band, percussion, or orchestra to add jazz band. Jazz Band is highly recommended to help with your sight reading and musical skills.
      • No audition is required for zero period Jazz Band. Auditions for the top jazz band will take place in May, either in person or by submitting a recording. More information to follow.
      • Students must select the jazz band class under zero period to register.
        • If a student makes the top jazz band, P.E. will be moved to zero period and our advanced jazz band will be moved to 1st period.
  • Marching Band: 11005
    • Students must be enrolled in a band, percussion, orchestra or guard class, have a 2.5 GPA or higher, NO F’s and must be in good physical health to qualify for this class.
      • This after-school program meets 2-3 times a week, including some weekends for practice or competitions from August-Thanksgiving Break.
      • Students in percussion and guard must audition. Auditions currently will take place in May, either in person or by video submission. More information to follow.
      • Students must register for Marching Band under the 8th period class section.
      • Students enrolled in Marching Band will received elective P.E. credit, which means students will only need to do 2 years (9th & 10th) grade of regular core P.E. Marching Band students will not be required to do core P.E. in 11th & 12th grade, which will open class periods for AP classes, ROP, CART or additional electives.

Can my child take 2 or more electives at Clovis High?

  • Yes, they can!
    • Students enrolled in 1 elective class do not need take zero period or summer school.
    • Students enrolled in 2 electives, for example foreign language and a music class, must be enrolled in either zero period P.E or take Summer School.
    • Students enrolled in 3 elective classes must take summer school and zero period.

How can my child sign up for summer school and how does it work?

  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA and higher to qualify for Health Class over Summer School.
    • Students who don’t meet this requirement will not be allowed to take summer school, nor will they be allowed to take a forging language their 9th grade year.
  • Students who do qualify must select either Session #1 or Session #2 of Independent Health Class.
    • My recommendation, if you qualify is to take summer school. Summer school is a 3-week independent study course that helps open student’s elective schedule during their freshman year. Taking summer school will allow for extra room in your 9th grade schedule to take those extra electives.
    • Students must select the summer school option on their online registration.
      • Counselors will check your grades and notice that you are an instrumental music student, which will qualify you for summer school.